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Welcome to The BRidge Agency, Inc.

About Us

The BRidge Agency is a multi purpose caring organization with a collective of volunteers and professionals working together to provide opportunities of advancement for disinvested communities. Currently, our program coordinates the day-to-day provision of access to resources and necessities for residents who reside within these crime hot spot zip codes and works collaboratively with entities and other resources on behalf of the under-served population to refer other available services to those in need. 


Our mission is to implement a wide array of quality best practice community economic development and resource programs, services and activities to low income and moderate income families within crime hot spot, debilitated neighborhoods through a variety of collaborative efforts and partnerships to revitalize neighborhoods while empowering families.


We envision a community and city where families are equipped with proven quality resources, and tools for successful living, goal achievement academically and professionally. 

We exist to SERVE * EMPOWER & ADVOCATE for the betterment of all.